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Institutional democracy is not the rule of the people but the rule of some people. Democracy should be a system that helps us grow our cities, a way of making decisions based on the needs of the citizens, allowing them to plant their seeds. It should not be about power but living, deciding and blooming together.

How could we counter the lack of trust of citizens and engage them? How could we make local decision-making accessible? By introducing new roles and activities in our system, Blooming Democracy creates opportunities to unite citizens and politicians. Evolving in the public space, it engages people aiming at establishing new purposes for the citizen’s role. The program follows the Manifesto for a Local Adaptable Democracy ideology.

Blooming Democracy offers a vision of local governing in which new narratives are created. It redefines what democratic activities are, going beyond solely voting: Blooming Democracy offers tools to give a new direction to our ways of doing politics.

Pictures by yufei gao
intervention with daisy dawson

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To reach this new democratic process, and different suggestions of ways of interacting and generating democratic actions, Blooming Democracy is supported by two-month-long research. The research was made of readings, interviews, and try-outs in the public space. It led to a manifesto.

A- What if everyone was a politician?

C- What if Governments
delegated to the people?

G- What if Democracy was open to its citizens?

G- What if Democracy was open to its citizens?

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